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Hello and welcome to another Blog from The Club Motel,

The Motel life has been as per usual this week, many guests, many breakfasts and a lot of laundry to be done!

With the new shower screens and vanity project nearing completion, attention is now turning to other systematic cleaning which is not done on a day to day basis. Carpets are being cleaned with our special carpet cleaning machine, this is to keep our new carpet clean and give it a long life. It also picks up any stains and is very good a giving the carpets a deep clean.

We have been receiving some great feedback through both our online channels and written feedback given to us at the motel. Thank you very much for this information, both positive and ways to improve are highly valued by us, so thank you!

The Wagga Food and Wine Festival is just around the corner, we hope you are already booked in and ready to go! This is a highlight on the Wagga events calendar, and one not to be missed!

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Kind regards

Club Motel Staff

Pete Swan

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