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Good afternoon and welcome to another Blog from the Club Motel.

This week we have played host to visitors to Wagga for many different reasons! We have had a lot of parents heading to Wagga to drop of their children at the University to start another year. A number of guests are here to compete in the Ten Pin Bowling championship as well as the Indigenous Rugby League Competition. As always here in Wagga Wagga, we have had many visitors coming here to meet their family members who are down here at the Kapooka Army Base or the Forrest Hill RAAF Base.

We have had some key staff members away the past 2 weeks and as suck our planned maintenance works have been put on hold until next week.

We are currently looking for house keepers! If you are experienced in joining our house keeping team, please feel free to contact us!

We hope you have a great weekend

Kind regards

Club Motel Staff

Pete Swan

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