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Good morning and welcome to our Christmas Eve Blog,

Merry Christmas to all of our guest and their families, we hope you are all relaxing amongst friends and family at this special time.

This week has been as usual, very busy! Whilst most other weeks are filled with up to 200 check-ins, 450 beds made and many coffees and tea by our staff to keep us going, this week was different!

In the lead up to Christmas and New Year, we have a chance to go into rooms and do some improvements and modifications. These are the bigger jobs where we close down a room and do everything we would like to do in there. Already this week we have replaced carpet in 3 rooms, installed a new shower screen, and started the process of replacing bathroom basins, with 2 already installed.

Motels operate in a fast paced world, and we grasp every opportunity to get into our rooms and make improvements to keep our high standards.

We will be open right through the Christmas and New Year period, with no change of business hours, so when you are having your delicious lunch, or relaxing watching the cricket on Boxing day, have a beer for us!

All the best for Christmas.

Kind regards

Club Motel Staff.

Pete Swan

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