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Hello and welcome to another blog from Club Motel Wagga.

Winter has arrived and we have already had some thick frosts! Luckily for you, our Fujitsu’s that kept you cool in summer have been switched over to Heat mode to keep your Wagga Motel Room warm through winter.

We have begun a major project this week to keep us up to date with all the other Accommodation in Wagga Wagga, which entails painting the entire motel. Work has commenced on painting the walkways with a non-slip paint to not only improve the look but also safety.

This year we are proud to again be apart of the Wagga Tourism Partner Program which is great for the Wagga region and a great project to get behind.

We would also like to welcome Jane, our new staff member who started with us this week. Be sure to say hello to her next time you’re in the office.

Have a good week.

Club Motel Staff

Pete Swan

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