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Hello and welcome to another blog from the Club Motel. Today I would like to give you an insight into the day to day operations of a motel. Anyone that has worked in the industry knows what a nonstop business it is! A Typical Day at our Club Motel 6:30am Breakfast arrives to prepare and


Hello and welcome to another Blog from the Club Motel, Another week has again come to an end here in Central Wagga, a week that has brought us both familiar faces and new ones too! This week we have made a small change to our rooms to better suit our guests needs. We were finding


Hello and welcome to another Blog from The Club Motel, The Motel life has been as per usual this week, many guests, many breakfasts and a lot of laundry to be done! With the new shower screens and vanity project nearing completion, attention is now turning to other systematic cleaning which is not done on