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Welcome to the last Blog of 2016, It has been a great year for us at the Club Motel and it is all thanks to you, our guests. We have added an extra room, the first room added in over 20 years! We cannot do these additions without the support of our guests, so thank


Good morning and welcome to our Christmas Eve Blog, Merry Christmas to all of our guest and their families, we hope you are all relaxing amongst friends and family at this special time. This week has been as usual, very busy! Whilst most other weeks are filled with up to 200  check-ins, 450 beds made 

Hello and welcome to another Blog from The Club Motel.   This week the Motel has had the pleasure of meeting many of the CSU graduates who were back in Wagga to participate in their Ceremony at Joyce Hall. We had a wide cross section: Actors, Teachers, Medical Science, Veterinarians and Agronomists. Congratulations to all


Hello and welcome to another week of our Blog. Marchouts are again on at Kapooka Army Base. The weather today for all family and friends has been great, and we wish them all the very best. We are very excited to announce a new breakfast menu. We have been working with one of our employees


Good afternoon and welcome to another of our weekly blogs. Summer has arrived here in Wagga, and out fleet of air conditioners are being switched over to the cool setting for the warm weather to come. We have replaced some of the remote controls that were faulty and all are tested and ready to go.